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Trace Adkins’ Wife Seeks Divorce, Child Custody And Alimony

When someone who is considered a star goes through a divorce, it can often be very trying since the public wants to know what is going on with very private affairs. Country music star Trace Adkins is going to get to know how it feels to go through a very public divorce. His wife of 16 years has decided that their marriage should end.

She filed for a divorce from the popular country music singer, claiming the two can’t reconcile their differences. She is asking for Adkins to pay her alimony, legal fees and child support. She is also asking that she be granted primary custody of their three daughters.

This divorce comes on the heels of some difficult times for the singer. He got into an argument on a cruise ship with someone who was impersonating him. He spent time in rehab for alcohol addiction after that incident. He had to take a break from rehab to come to Louisiana in February to see his father, who had fallen ill. A few days after getting ill, his father died.

Not surprisingly, the singer’s representative released a statement saying that they thank everyone for respecting their privacy during this process. The statement also said that they are trying to ensure the interests of their children are put first.

For this family, privacy isn’t something that they will likely get. For most people, however, dealing with a divorce is a private matter. Just because it is private doesn’t mean that you have to leave questions unanswered during the process. The advice of an experienced Louisiana divorce attorney might help you to get answers to any questions you may have.

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